About us

When I was a kid, my dad bought me a brand new lime green “boss” mini bike with a 3.5 HP Clinto ride it, he would take the spark plug out of it.  Well, that worked fine for him – until my friend Gino came along and showed me how to put the spark plug in.  Anyway, from that point on, I was hooked on powersports.  Hanging around with Gino, through the years, we built MANY badass minibikes, go-karts and dirtbikes.  

We also had:

  • Rupps
  • Bultacos
  • Hodakas
  • Chapparrals
  • YZ’s
  • RM’s
  • CR’s
  • Dune Buggies (Volkswagons)

You name it…we had it!

We used to oval track race our go-karts at the Ronkonkoma NY Railroad Station – no helmets, no leathers.   Just our T-Shirts and jeans.  We actually used to build our go-karts with big front bumpers so we could bash each other and we did have a few major pileups where people got hurt).  We were nuts!  One time, I actually flipped and landed on my head in my go-kart, which thank god had a rear roll bar because it saved my life.  I can remember sitting in my bathtub pulling the chunks of asphalt out of my left arm with a tweezer (as I had gotten serious road rash from that accident and I couldn’t use my arm for about 3 weeks.  As we got older and bigger, our bodies couldn’t take hitting concrete all day so we switched to the dirt bikes (obviously, dirt is much softer than concrete!)

Then came the FL 250.  There’s something about the FL 250…the rawness of it when you’re blasting down a trail and the simplicity of its design…and that awesome way they jump when you snap the throttle.  It’s a go-kart on steroids.

Well, I had my first FL 250 when I was 32.  I’m 50 now, and about 10 years ago I became very interested in them again, but couldn’t get parts.  What started out as a part time hobby has turned in to a full time business for me.  We love the Odyssey ATV’s and strive to find the replacement parts everyone needs.  We currently own 2 FL 350’s an 6 FL 250’s.  We are not here to just pump out parts.  You can call or email us anytime.  Click here to reach our contact page.  We would be more than happy to help you in any way possible. 


Joseph Lazzaro, Owner of Odd ATV.